The Art of Slow Living

Most of us have many demands on our time...... Life these days is often crazily busy...... Sometimes it seems that the pace is so frantic we are on a treadmill. With emails constantly pinging into our inboxes, the frenzy of social media, some of us are now seeking to slow things down in order to live a happier more enriched life. We are making more conscious choices about the way we live, by spending quality time with our families and friends. By making thoughtful decisions about how we spend our precious time. Engaging with some of the activities we once enjoyed. Blowing bubbles in the garden, rather than on their computers

Like choosing to drink coffee which has been freshly ground and brewed, instead of instant, eating fresh fruit and vegetables, having a pair of custom made shoes or a beautiful linen dress, which gets better every time it is washed.  We are seeking quality products from boutiques and makers, as an anthesis to the standard high street offerings.

Silver Coffee bean necklace

Really appreciating the craft and workmanship in handmade products, we are realising that it is lovely to surround ourselves with beautiful and well made items instead of mass produced ones. We know that the slight differences between each piece exist because they are made by the hands of the designer.......I'm a lover of Art, ceramic pots and glass.  Buying handmade jewellery is investing in something which we will enjoy for many years. It will not be cast aside with all the other impulse buys, instead it will be treasured and passed on to the next generation. So next time you look in your jewellery box, how lovely would it be to choose something made with love and designed to stand the test of time, rather than cheap, thin metals which are designed to be throw away. Buy well buy once is a great way to have beautiful things you will always enjoy.

Silver bird house necklace 

By supporting businesses who make their own products, you are ensuring that these traditional skills are retained in a world of mass production. Furthermore it's a fabulous way to express your personality, individuality and bring something authentic and creative into your life. 


I'm definitely a lover of beautiful products and love to think that the designs I make will be treasured, enjoyed and passed on.

Do please let me know if you agree and if you have any product recommendations.

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