Custom Jewellery Design

Have you thought about a bespoke jewellery commission?

Imagine you treat yourself to a necklace that’s handmade just for you. A beautiful silver or gold necklace you’re going to love wearing everyday because it brings a smile to your face. You’ll cherish the memories it brings you every time you wear it. You’ll even love the hallmark, knowing that it’s genuinely precious. Giving you that inner warm fuzzy feeling. 


I would love to design and make an individual piece of jewellery especially for you, creating memories with an individual hallmarked piece of jewellery you'll treasure.


It could be anything from a necklace to a ring, a pair of earrings to a keyring or something more unusual. I’ve designed bookmarks, whisky bottle labels, guitar plectrums and more.


Your jewellery will be made of recycled eco silver, recycled gold or Fairtrade gold and any gemstones will be sustainably sourced if at all possible.


Your starting price is likely to be from approximately £80 for a pair of silver earrings depending on the complexity. A necklace would start at around £150. 



I take on commissions between January and September. The months October to December are a busy time for jewellery designers, so I keep them free for seasonal orders.  


You might well be looking for something better than the costume jewellery that you’ve bought before. Something with quality and style that will last a lifetime and remind you of a special person or event to celebrate those special memories.

 Handmade Sustainable Jewellery Especially made for you

You may have bought lots of cheap fashion jewellery in the past which is now unloved, smelly and broken. No judgement here, I was just like you.

You may have a box of old jewellery that doesn't make you feel wow now! If you’re feeling bad about throwing it away because it’s bad for the planet. I get that too.

You can ditch your old broken jewellery guilt free by sending it to a charity shop or Freegle. Luckily people often use it for creative projects. Once you’ve worn quality silver and gold jewellery you won’t want to go back. 

Custom Laborodite Eco Silver Necklace

Your new custom designed piece of jewellery will simplify your day to day look. Commissioning a piece of jewellery is really straightforward and not at all scary! I will help you design something perfect for you. It’ll be distinctive and just what you wanted, even if you can’t imagine what you want yet. Picture yourself knowing exactly what jewellery to wear. If you’re a business owner you can even create jewellery that’s ‘on brand’ and memorable. I have also designed branded jewellery for coaches and business owner for their clients.

Leaves necklace silver

You’ll find it much easier to finish your outfit. Good jewellery looks classy on the humble T shirt and can take you from casual to dressy with a simple change of clothes to suit the occasion. If you’re doing lots of Zoom calls, a statement pendant on a 16’’ or 18’’ chain will soon be your new go to necklace. You’ll feel much more polished even if you’re wearing tracksuit bottoms or shorts on your bottom half!

Custom Silver ring with gold spinner


Here’s a few reviews for my custom jewellery:

I just wanted to let you know that Mum is loving her necklace, it’s very pretty on her and delicate and is just right!  Mark G, North Yorkshire

The keyring has arrived and I love it. I can’t wait to surprise Dad with it! Alyson S, Lincs


... She absolutely loves them (and I do too) and she was crying and really appreciative so thank you so much for making it such a special first anniversary present! Andrew R, Stockton on Tees

I’m sure you’ve seen all the photos of the beaches and understand how much I love that necklace (a custom engraved necklace with a picture of a beach). It was much admired… Caroline L, Perthshire

You can book a free phone or zoom call to get started with a custom jewellery design for you.

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