Sally How Jewellery Designer
Hi I'm Sally!

I make jewellery to celebrate your beautiful moments. Handmade jewellery designs using recycled silver and gold for more meaningful gifts that mean so much more.


I make jewellery inspired by art, nature and history, especially Art Deco. I've been making jewellery for 13 years and in business since 2015. 

  • I used to make title sequences for BBC television and have worked as an Art teacher.
  • I’ve always loved jewellery. I remember my grandmother's jewellery box as a child. Listening to her fabulous tales I learned that each shiny jewel had its own precious story. The significance of each piece of jewellery was the memories associated with them. 
  • I love to share my gift of design and creation with you. By creating an individual gift of jewellery that really means something. Together we can design beautiful jewellery that tells your unique story and celebrates your special moments. 

It's important to me to use recycled materials including Eco silver and recycled or Fairtrade gold and to use making methods that are kinder to the world wherever possible. By reducing my impact on the world I'm recycling, reusing and using eco friendly making methods whenever possible. You're in the right place if you dislike the throw away society we live in. Sustainability is really important to maintain our ecological balance and I'm trying to play a small part in helping the world meet the needs of future generations.

Bespoke designs are my absolute favourites to make. Creating distinctive handmade jewellery inspired by your precious moments and people you love is very special. Designing stylish gold and silver jewellery to become your most treasured posessions, I know that you'll appreciate the time and craftsmanship that goes into making these handmade designs. You'll love that your heirloom jewellery will last a lifetime and it won't cost the earth. 


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Handmade Silver JewelleryLove and Sparkles Sally xo


 "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 


Maya Angelou