Sally How Jewellery Designer

Enriching and Empowering lives.  
Spreading Love and Creativity one jewel at a time! 

Hello I'm Sally 

I'm based in the beautiful Spa town of Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

My background as a TV graphic designer and Art teacher has helped me always to appreciate art and creativity and I'm passionate about helping other people to be more creative. I began to make silver jewellery by hand as a creative hobby and before long people asked me to make jewellery for them too.


I have a dream that artists will believe in themselves and be free from self doubt. They will stop worrying about what other people think and enjoy the process. They will love being creative and know that their creativity brings much joy to others. Instead of trying to create what's commercial they will pour their heart into their art. Their tribe will find them and they will support each other buy buying from other small independent creatives.


To make a difference in the world I decided to make empowering silver jewellery for creatives by hand using traditional techniques. I love to hear how this helps my customers with their own creative journeys. My jewellery makes the perfect gift for an artist, creative or design lover.   


My hashtag on Instagram is #livelovetobecreative

I'll be giving shoutouts to artists, designers and creatives.


Once you believe you really can achieve... Set your creativity free today.

 Sally How image by Superflycreative




Contact me at       or  +447788 446474 


For your FREE ring sizer: email or text your name and address to me 


Love & sparkles  


Sally xx


"Art should be about joy"

David Hockney


Sally loves to support other artists and small businesses, she loves art and kindness.



Picture above by Fanni at Superfly Creative  

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