Absolutely Fabulous! How Fine Designs As seen in The Lady Magazine

How Fine Designs Featured in The Lady

I've always loved Patsy and Edina from Absolutely Fabulous and I can hardly wait to see Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie...... Sadly my ticket to the premiere didn't arrive! 

Having grown up with Absolutely Fabulous the TV series I'm excited to see Patsy and Edina (Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders) again! Not to mention the adorable June Whitfield starring as the terribly sensible Saffy's granny.... no I can't believe she's 90 either.... just goes to show that age is immaterial if you have style.

Do let me know if you see it before I do...... I just love a feel good movie! 

My news is that I'm featured in the same edition of The Lady as Joanna Lumley no less......  crack open the Bolly!!!



My new favourite saying is 'I'm fabulous every day darling!' Please click on The Lady at the bottom right of the website. It will take you through to my listing in The Lady.

So until next time stay fabulous,

Sally xox






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