Advent Calendar Gift Guide

The 12 Days of Advent
Please visit us each day for new gift ideas, special offers and ways to make this Christmas extra fabulous and less stressful....

Advent Day 1

Advent Calendar Day 1 Love heart keyring silver
We're on the countdown to Christmas. It's such a busy time of year, so we thought we'd save you some time and effort: so sit back with a cup of tea (or something stronger perhaps) and let us guide you through your Christmas gifting.
Please be assured that we LOVE packaging your gifts to look beautiful and you will love that your gift recipient has a big smile on their face on Christmas morning. 

Advent Day 2 

Advent Calendar Day 2 Heart necklace silver
When the world is whizzing round at breakneck pace and everybody is so busy, it can be overwhelming knowing that you are responsible for organising gifts for everyone. It's important keep things in perspective though, so slow down and take a deep breath or two. These days it can be quite daunting with the expectations involved with putting on a show and making everything look perfect for Christmas. As anybody who organises Christmas knows, it is a LOT of effort for a few days. So why not make THIS the year to BUY LESS..... Single presents with more thought behind them will much more likely to be remembered than multiple gifts which will likely be quickly forgotten. Hand made gifts are my personal favourites. They are remembered long after the others have slipped our memories..... 
I always try to to remember that the most important thing is to let people know they are loved. Today I picked up the phone and spent time talking to my Mum. This heart is for my wonderful Mum. Why not tell somebody special they are loved. Family and friends we love you lots xox
Featured here is the So Solid Love Heart Necklace at £125

Advent Day 3

Advent Day 3
When the weather is cold and the lights are dim its always great to have some fresh foliage in the house. When the garden is past its best (in the UK!) bringing a fresh Christmas tree inside is an  exciting event in our house. We always look forward to its lovely fresh pine scent and gorgeous green foliage. Decorating our tree is a family ritual and we love it. 
The evergreen fir tree has traditionally been used to celebrate winter festivals for thousands of years. Pagans used to decorate their homes during the winter solstice as it made them think that the spring near. Across Europe fir trees have been used for about 1000 years. Many trees were hung upside down from the ceiling using chains. The first Christmas trees came to Britain sometime in the 1830s when prince Albert (Queen Victoria's German husband) had a tree set up in Windsor Castle. In Victorian times the tree would have been decorated with candles to represent stars.
The most famous Christmas tree in the UK is the one in Trafalgar Square London, which is presented to the British people for the help given to Norway during World War II. One of my favourite Christmas memories was visiting Austria where the trees were not decorated, instead we celebrated Christmas Eve at the local church. It was not at all commercial and had all the joy of Christmas with much less of the stress and pressure we have to make everything perfect. During the day we skiied and enjoyed the snow and beautiful fresh mountain air....
In our family growing up we always had 'tree presents' which were opened in the evening rather than the big presents enjoyed in the morning before lunch. 
Why not give an everlasting sweet silver flower in bloom. This was originally designed for my daughter Grace and has a purple cubic zirconia set in the centre. It would make a super 'tree present and comes gift wrapped.
What Christmas traditions do you love in your house at Christmas? 
Todays featured Jewellery is the Sterling Silver Grace Flower necklace at £80

Advent Day 4

Advent Day 4 Marble Swirl Silver Necklace

Return to traditional values.... Remember the good old days? Everybody likes to reminisce about days gone by..... even small children remember when they were tiny (a year seems like a lifetime to them)! Childhood memories are precious, so finding a gift that reminds people of this is priceless, even though it needn't cost a lot. The vintage glass buttons in the picture would make a brilliant present for somebody crafty who likes to make things.


In Harrogate we are lucky enough to have a fabulous haberdashery shop called Duttons for Buttons, which sells amazing array of buttons, lace, threads and all sorts of fantastic colourful treasures for the crafty friend or relation. If you have a similar haberdashery store this sort of thing makes an original present idea, otherwise Ebay is a great place to find things for creative friends and family. These glass baubles were one of my Ebay finds and I love them! Todays featured Marble Swirl necklace has been a really popular gift and is quite a fun piece of jewellery with the lovely associated memories of childhood games. 

Featured here is the Marble Swirl Necklace at £30 without a chain (use your own chain) or £45 on a long silver chain (as shown above) 

Advent Day 5

Artist gifts I am an artist ring silver Advent day 5


What do you buy for an artist or designer? This can be a tricky one if you are buying for a creative friend or a partner...... Something well designed will be well received..... Designers and artists usually like things which have been well thought out and sometimes quite minimal. Think "less is more".


I have a few fabulous Alessi products which are beautiful and useful too. Google the wonderful Alessi Anna corkscrew and the Alessi Blip spoon rest which is curvaceous, wavelike and beautiful, but also useful.... Art books or vouchers are always really popular..... at least most artists I know love Art books. Another tip is to buy Artist quality materials such as these Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, something from a gallery shop, or best of all a beautifully handmade item. Artists and designers mostly LOVE other artists work!


An empowering ring such as this "I AM AN ARTIST" ring is a wonderful handmade gift to help your artist to really believe in themselves. Each is uniquely made to fit and will have the individual style of a one off piece of jewellery, meaning that each is subtly different from the next. Made of Sterling Silver and with a comfort fit band this is one ring they really won't want to take off. 

Featured "I am an artist" ring made of Sterling Silver at £70 or you can add your own words or phrase (use the contact box to let us know the words you would like e.g. I am enough)

Advent Day 6

Advent calendar Day 6 Gift guide Silver Leaf tie pin

Spending time wrapping presents as you go along is a great thing to do... and I should know! Having left everything until the last minute and ended staying awake into the wee small hours on Christmas Eve when the children were small! It also saves last minute dashes to buy more wrapping paper ((yes me again)). Adding little flourishes like hand tied bows is my top tip for a creative wrap. In the image above you can see I have layered tissue paper on top of another sheet of paper and simply scooped up the present with a ribbon and tied a bow...... no need for sellotape for this one! Match the writing inside the card to the ribbon and you have a beautifully co-ordinated creative pressie. What do you get for the person who has everything you may ask? New to my range is a leaf tie/lapel pin.

Featured Jewellery is the Silver Leaf Tie/lapel pin at £39 


 Advent Day 7

Advent Calendar Day 7 This Twig Silver bangle bracelet and satsumas

A workshop can be a great present for an artistic friend or relation. I made some of my own Christmas presents at a nearby artists workshop. 


Although I currently make jewellery, I also teach art and really love to create things in different media. The glass bowl above was really exciting to make. This wasn't my first attempt I have to say.... We started out by making four glass coasters and even these were very impressive. I had so much fun that I've done several workshops now and its great to take a few friends along too. We learned how to cut the glass safely and were able to choose and make our own designs after a while. The colours are simply wonderful! 

If you're in the Harrogate area why not check out The Glasshouse Studio in Knaresborough. If you do, be sure to tell the lovely Jane I sent you...... You could begin making your presents for next year and be really organised!!!

If you're getting stressed about the Christmas preparations why not go outside and stretch your legs, I picked these holly sprigs nearby. Immediately I felt much more festive and calmer. I think sometimes the simplest decorations are the very best and bringing nature inside always looks lovely. A plain bow around them looks simply timeless. Oh yes and clementines...... I simply can't get enough of them at this time of year, anybody else? 

Todays featured jewellery is the This Twig Bangle bracelet made of Sterling Silver at £139. 


 Advent Day 8

Advent Day 8 Aloe plant, chocolate money, reindeer and Silver star tie/lapel pin


Entertaining at Christmas can be lots of fun, but the rush of preparing for it can be quite a lot of stress. Even when you're not hosting you have to make or buy gifts for your hosts and to make sure you're the most fabulous guests. After a few days of such close proximity even with close relations sometimes people can be prickly with each other.....

Sometimes we have to remember what its all about and for me that's spending time with family and friends. Recently losing a couple of friends and a family member makes me realise that we shouldn't take each other for granted.

In the future I'm definitely going to try to be a great house guest and be really helpful to my hosts..... I know they have worked really hard to make things special and memorable for us. I'm also sparing a thought for elderly friends and relations who can't make it to our celebrations this year, so I'm going to send special messages and presents even though we won't be seeing them xox

Todays featured gift is the You're a Star tie/lapel pin in Sterling Silver at £43


Advent Day 9 

Advent Day 9 Candle, lights, silver glass love heart necklace


At this busy time of the year amidst the kinetic activity of life and the social whirl of the festivities, its really important to make sure you give yourself some nurturing time and space. So make sure you schedule some me time..... light the candles, put on the fairy lights and the relaxing music, paint your nails or whatever takes your fancy and give yourself some LOVE!


And if you're doing some online shopping this week you can choose a couple of things for yourself too.......

The featured jewellery today  is our Queen of Hearts glass and sterling silver necklace


Advent Day 10

Advent Calendar Day 10 Silver heart earrings writing place cards Christmas fairy lights

At Christmas it's the smallest things that make a difference..... fresh foliage on the table, hand written place cards, and fairy lights to make the place more magical! These really do add to the atmosphere and come in a huge variety of different styles. My preference is for a warm light. The cool ones feel rather too cold for my liking most of the time, and particularly for Christmas I do really love a cosy atmosphere. They are great for taking photographs and give a lovely warm cosy glow. Also remember to help out with the chores. When there are lots of people coming there is always another cup of tea to be made and another pan to be washed so I always get a new pair of marigold washing up gloves (as a jeweller my hands take lots of abuse already!)

When we are old we shall enjoy watching the younger generation rushing round looking after us I am sure.... 

Todays featured jewellery is the Shiny Heart Earrings set made of sterling silver


Advent Day 11

Advent Day 11 Table decoration mince pies fairy lights stars


When I've had enough of all the chores I love to spend a few minutes planning the fun stuff...... like how the table should look at Christmas. Usually I love to have candles and things, but at Christmas time I think its best to keep the table  arrangements low down, so they don't get knocked over amidst the pulling of crackers and the refilling of Champagne glasses!!! I've been looking for something simple and came across these gold spray painted leaves. I bought these ones from M&S but may have a go at spray painting myself if I have a spare few minutes. My advice is to lay newspaper or an old sheet outside in the garden and definitely don't spray on a windy day! The cranberries and jewels just add a fun colour pop, but I'm sure you can think of your own ideas.


The mince pies in my picture are from Betty's.... I do think its absolutely fine to pick and choose what to make yourself and what to buy..... After all we do want to enjoy the celebrations at Christmas, not find ourselves in bed with exhaustion. So pick and choose what you want to make and what you'll add yourself, then add the others to your shopping list! I used to try to make everything, but think its best to keep a balance and make the things I'm best at! Hope you enjoy creating something. Please do let me know in the comments below what you're planning to make?  I'd love to know.......


Advent Day 12

Advent Day 12 Gingerbread house and Betty's chocolate penguins

For the final day of Advent I'm going to wish you all lots of love, and a healthy and happy Christmas. This adorable gingerbread house was made by my daughter (Mary Berry's recipe, which tastes delicious by the way) and the chocolate penguins are from Betty's famous Tea rooms in Harrogate.....


If you haven't heard of hygge yet (pronounced HOO-GA) I'm going to recommend a couple of books for you. One is 'How to Hygge' by Signe Johansen and the other is 'The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way to Live Well'  by Meek Wiking. In essence the Nordic countries are renowned for having a superb quality of life, but we can recreate the 'cosiness' in our own homes by being kind to ourselves, and others. Nature, candles and good food all play an important part. Perfect for Christmas time hey? 


I hope you all manage to enjoy your nearest and dearest, whether it be your family or friends. Go create some lovely memories and spend some blissful time.....

Love and Sparkles,


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