How to Choose the Best Necklace Length

Choosing a necklace length to suit your body shape

How long should your necklace chain be? We are all different and there's a necklace to suit us all. It's well worth considering your body type. Jewellery can draw attention away from body parts you're not so fond of. Knowing how long your necklace chain will be when you order it will be useful. Necklaces can also frame your favourite features. 

It's a bit like choosing a frame for your favourite picture. Some styles just don't bring out the best in the picture, so even though we may like them they may be best choosing something that will complement the artistic style of the picture. Knowing your body and face shape is fairly straightforward, but it may be worth asking a friend if you're unsure of yours. 

The most popular necklace for most body types including medium or average height is the Princess or 18" necklace, as it is universally flattering. Worn on the collarbone this is a very safe choice. This also makes it the perfect choice for a gift.

If you are smaller the shortest necklace would be ideal for you. So choose a Collar, a Choker or a Princess chain.

For taller people the best sort of chain for you is the Lariat/Rope necklace or the Opera. 

If you are larger than average you should consider a feature necklace. Something with larger detailing around the neck and above the breast line works best. You should avoid longer necklaces.

If your neck is wider, a tight small necklace is best avoided. Choose a chain which gives your neck space and creates a focal point away from your neckline. The Princess chain or the Matinee would be perfect for you.


Face shapes can be framed by your choice of necklace.

First identify your face shape by pulling your hair away from your face. If you have longer hair putting your hair into a ponytail will help you. 

Round faces suit necklaces that are mid length such as the Princess or Matinee.

Rectangular shaped faces suit a shorter chain like a Choker and softer shapes will be more flattering.

Triangular shape faces need the longer Matinee or Opera necklaces to balance your wider forehead and narrower chin.

Heart shaped faces suit a shorter length to mid length chain.

Oval faces are very lucky as you can wear any length of necklace. Most designs and shapes look good on you.

Diamond shape faces can also wear any necklace lengths. They can also experiment with curves to balance or more geometric angular designs to accentuate their features.


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 How to Choose the Best Necklace Length




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