How to Commission Custom Jewellery Even if You Have No Idea

How to commission custom jewellery even if you have no idea
So you're looking for a special piece of jewellery. You want something a different, but know nothing about asking a jewellery designer about what to make. It's better to be prepared so you know what to ask for and the pitfalls you should avoid, than to make an expensive mistake.

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Is custom jewellery only for the wealthy?

Like everything you can have the very best if you can afford it. If you have money to spend on the finest precious gemstones, the most expensive gold and a designer with the most experience you will be able to commission the finest bespoke jewellery you desire. This is more like high couture fashion. For people who have deep pockets and want the very best the world has on offer there are high end jewellery designers.

At the other end of the scale there are newer emerging jewellery designers who are keen to make jewellery designs. If you are prepared to take a slight risk as they are less experienced, you may find you get an unusual piece of jewellery with a better value price.

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In between these extremes are many jewellery designers who enjoy working on custom or bespoke designs. It's a good idea to look at a jewellers work first, then make contact with them. If you know what you are looking for it will save lots of time.

So we've established that there are many different types of jewellery designer and many different levels.

Some designers concentrate on making collections and their work is often themed. Designers develop their own distinctive type of work. Some designers love to make collections, but don't enjoy making commissions. If you ask a jewellery designer whose work you like whether they would make you a commission they may say yes or no. Please don't be offended if they say no. Many times you will get a yes and a unique piece of jewellery. 

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How should I select my designer?

You should look at their previous jewellery designs and see whether you like their style. It's better to keep looking to find a designer whose work you love, than ask them to do something very different than their usual design style. Try following a few designers on Instagram and see what their work is like and whether they communicate well. That's an important skill as you'll be talking to them about your jewellery designs. You also need to build up a level of trust with them, so try having a conversation with them via DM or email. Is there an option to talk with them on the phone or to book a zoom call? Do you live near to their studio or shop so you can speak to them in person?

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What questions should I ask my designer?

There are lots of things to consider including your timescale. Most custom designs and commissions take at least 6 weeks to allow for designs and hallmarking. Commissioning a special piece of jewellery can be really exciting as you will have something truly unique as a wonderful memory.

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