How to Measure your Finger and Choose a Ring Online

When you're looking for a ring online you need to be confident that you're going to get a ring that will fit. Perfectly.
The very best way to do this is always to visit a jeweller and have it measured using a ring sizer set like this. Known as a Wheatsheaf ring stick it's the industry standard and an accurate way to measure for rings. In the UK we measure ring sizes from A to Z, and beyond but it's easy to convert from other countries' sizing.
How to measure your finger to buy a ring online. Use a Wheatsheaf ring stick and gauge used by jewellers to measure ring sizes

I can't easily get to a jewellery store. What are my options?

It is possible to measure your finger at home. The best time of day to measure your fingers is the afternoon or evening. You can do it yourself by cutting a strip of paper about 5mm wide and wrapping it around your finger. Ideally the paper should be reasonably firm, but certainly not stretchy (crepe paper or ribbon would stretch). You should mark where it overlaps and join it at this point using sticky tape. Try the paper ring on again for size. Open it up and measure it carefully. Tell your jeweller the measurement in mm and they will be able to work out your ring size from that.
How to measure your finger for a ring and order online

I already have a ring that's the right size. Can I measure that? 

Tapered candle used as a ring stick and a sharpie pen
Yes you can use a tapered wax candle. This is the sort of candle that is wide at the bottom and narrow at the top. Simply slide your ring onto your tapered candle and mark either side where it fits with a sharpie. Then post the candle to your jewellery designer. This is a very accurate and cheap method.

Are there any other ways I can measure a ring at home?

A bar of soap in a bowl of boiling hot water a silver ring by its side
Yes you can make an impression using a new bar of soap. Really good if you're being sneaky and planning a surprise! Mine was the Essential sensitive fragrance free soap from Waitrose, but any cheap soap will be fine. First pour some boiling hot water into the sink or bowl and leave your soap there for about 10-15 minutes to make the soap soft.  The water will look milky. Then carefully remove the soap from the water, handling it as little as possible. Be careful, the water may still be quite hot and the soap slippery! Now firmly press your ring into the surface. Push it in enough that it makes a good impression, I used a lolly stick to press it down into the soap.
Ring in soap after being softened in hot water
Lift your ring out carefully using a wooden skewer, lolly stick, toothpicks or plastic cutlery. Don't use anything metal, such as tweezers, or you may damage your ring! Then simply leave the soap to cool and set.
Soap with ring impression
You should have a great impression. Putting your ring closer to one of the edges would made it even easier to measure. Now simply send your bar of soap to your jewellery designer. They will know what size of ring you need from the soap impression. 

Can I use online measuring guides?

Yes if you are trying to find out the size of an existing ring there are a few online guides which help you to work out the sizing. If you put your screen size to the size of the your credit card and measure your own ring against the size of the ring on the screen, that will give you the correct size of your ring. 

Is there an easier way to measure at home?

You can measure a ring you already wear as long as it is still round. Note: If your ring has become misshapen, this is not the best way to measure. 

Use a ruler to measure from the INSIDE of the metal from one side to the other. The diameter measurement in mm can be sent to your jeweller. 

Planning a surprise purchase? 

Engagement ring on red rose
If you are planning to purchase a ring as a surprise for an engagement ring or similar, do bear in mind that left and right hands will not have the same measurements. Usually the dominant hand is larger than the non dominant hand! Try swapping your own rings from one hand to the other. Are yours the same?

Can I get a cheap ring sizer to use at home?

Multisizer ring sizer plastic to use at home
Photo credit: Cooksongold
Yes. You can buy a plastic multisize ring gauge to measure your own finger. These are simple to use and slip onto the finger and tighten like a belt. Again it is worth measuring your finger in the evening to make sure it is not going to be too tight. Check again in the morning to make sure your ring won't be too big. 
I sell these in our online shop for £1.00, which is redeemable against any future purchase. Simply search ring sizer to find it.

Anything else I should know?

Remember your jeweller will be making the ring to the size you tell them. If you make a mistake you can't expect them to change it without charge. So make sure you double check your measurements before you send them off. 

Getting your finger measured professionally is always the best option. 

How to measure your finger and order a ring online


For an interesting history of the British Wheatsheaf company click on the link below. 




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