How to untangle necklace chains with this simple hack

Find out how to untangle your tangled necklace chains with this simple recipe using baby powder. It's an easy way to untangle knots in your jewellery using household ingredients. You'll soon have your favourite tangled necklaces separated, untangled and ready to wear again. 

How to untangle a necklace with this simple hack

If you've ever found your jewellery in a tangled mess you'll understand the frustration it causes. And no, I don't understand how they get like that either... But much like finding odd socks after washing, it's another of life's great mysteries!

The dreaded tangled chains always seems to happen when you're in a rush, but really want that special necklace... So don't pull your hair out, or throw the whole knotted bundle of chains out of the window; this should do the trick. 



Untangled necklace chains with baby powder and pinsEssential

Small or medium size plastic bag

Talcum powder

Two pins or needles

Tangled chains


Optional but recommended


Relaxing music

Cup of tea or similar

How to untangle a necklace


  1. If you can remove any charms from necklaces or bracelets then you should.
  2. Undo any clasps if you can.
  3. You may wish to lay out a piece of newspaper to save tidying up.
  4. Use a small plastic bag and add a generous amount of baby powder.
  5. Add your tangled chains and seal the top of the bag.
  6. Give your bag a good shake until all the links are coated with powder.
  7. Remove the chains from your bag and they will start to unravel much more easily.
  8. Any tricky tangles can then be tackled using a couple of pins.
  9. Put one pin in the knot and shake it around.
  10. Use the second pin to loosen the knot.
  11. Work on the ends with small links before the ones with clasps if you can, as they will unravel easier.
  12. Repeat 9 and 10 until finished (you may need the optional drink).
  13. Notice I did say easier. You will still need your patience, but do recoat the chains with baby powder occasionally if you need to and remember to shake and jiggle the chain from the pin.
  14. Rinse your necklaces separately in warm soapy water.
  15. Dry with a soft cloth.
  16. Tidy away.
  17. Put on your favourite necklace.
  18. Enjoy your relaxing music/ go out to celebrate.
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  • It took 3 hours but I finally untangled my favorite chain. The baby powder worked great. Thx

  • this didn’t workand maby it was because i have 3 chains but still


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