Make Your Dream Come True Day

Friday 13th January is actually 'MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE DAY' and maybe its not as crazy as it first sounds.

Do you have a dream? Well it will be likely to stay that way......

Unless YOU start making plans to make it happen. Several years ago I had a dream to start my own business. I had made jewellery for years. To be honest, at that stage it was an expensive hobby and although I did make lots of gifts for family and friends,  I was sad that I had let another New Years Resolution date pass me by. I don't believe that many people ever stick to their resolutions.

Sterling silver bracelet on handmade glass plate

Four years ago I decided it would be different. I wrote down what I wanted to achieve and started to make notes in my phone every time I had an idea. Next I decided to actually tell people what I was thinking of doing. I joined a few Facebook groups and then paid for mentoring from people I knew were really respected in the industry.

At first people told me it would never work, as jewellery design is a pretty saturated industry, but what happened next was great. I had a lot of positive feedback for my ideas. I decided that I would really go for it; after all what was the worst that could happen? If it failed at least I had tried.

The best thing I noticed about sharing my intentions, I realised the one thing I was most scared of was of failure...But then I thought, what would happen if I never tried? I guess I would never have known. 

Handmade meringues

As an art teacher I often encourage people to be experimental and to just start where they are. I don't know whether you have heard of daily practice? If you keep doing something creative, regardless of the outcome, eventually you get less worried about what other people think of your work; it's quite liberating actually. So I decided that I would take this innovative approach for my business building. I have attended numerous webinars, joined countless Facebook Groups, posted hundreds of pictures on Instagram and met so many lovely people (I'm @howfinedesigns), I've been featured several times, read lots of books by inspiring authors, designed my website. I launched my website and had my first sale in November 2015. I'd like to say a very big thank you to everybody who's helped me along the way. Now in 2019 I continue to have lots of exciting plans for the future.


If you would like to order one of my hand stamped silver rings to help you make your dream come true simply click on the picture below to shop.

Word of the Year silver ring


What will YOU plan to make your dream come true? Set YOUR intention today.  


  • I love the concept of daily practice Sally and everything you have written rings true. Congratulations on following your dream!

  • Beautiful story!!!
    We are here to share our divine gifts with the world… let’s never forget it!!!
    Fear of failure comes from our ego… we all have it… and we all have to overcome it… it is part of our path. ??

  • A great motivational post Sally! It takes courage and self-belief to start your own business – I hope you inspire others with your story to take that leap of faith and make their dreams come true! Xx


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