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Ring Style Guide

Ring Style Guide

Engagement Ring

Traditionally this ring is a solitaire diamond or cluster of diamonds with coloured precious stones on a gold ring shank. These are usually given to the woman by her partner to show they are to be married. The engagement ring is worn on the left ring finger of the woman before a couple are married.

For equality some men now wear engagement rings. These are known as mangagement rings and can be as simple or elaborate as you like. Some men are choosing diamonds as well as the harder precious gemstones such as sapphires and rubies.

The hardest gemstones on the Mohs scale should be chosen. This scale was invented in 1812 by Friedrich Mohs a German geologist and mineralist. Diamonds are a 10 on the Mohs scale meaning that they are extremely hard wearing and highly resistant to scratching. Sapphires and rubies are known as corundums and measure 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. Citrine and Topaz are 8 and, Emeralds and Amethysts are 7.5 to 8, while Quartz, Tourmelines, Aquamarines are 7. 

Mohs scale from GIA

Mohs Scale by GIA (The Gemological Institute of America)

You will want your engagement ring to last a lifetime so while it's lovely to consider alternatives to tradition it's essential to avoid using softer gemstones. There has been a recent trend of using beautiful stones such as opals, which although extremely eye-catching will be unlikely to stand the test of time.

Wedding Ring


A ring band made of precious metal usually Gold, sometimes Platinum, Titanium, or similar. More unusual ring materials can be chosen such as wood, however these are unlikely to last a lifetime. Tungsten rings are very strong but may be shattered and there are some safety concerns as they wouldn't stretch or deform like gold, which could be a risk if you trap or snag your finger.

On the day of the wedding no rings are usually worn by the bride to be until they are married. The wedding ring is then worn closest to the heart with the engagement ring worn on the outside. Some people choose to have a wedding band shaped around their engagement ring, with a curved or wishbone ring. Others simply opt for a simple traditional wedding band and wear their engagement ring on their right hand. Some professions cannot wear a wedding band at work, for hygiene or safety reasons. People have been known to wear their wedding band so some people 

For a gold ring the hardness of the ring is measured in Carats, or ct. Pure gold is 24ct but this is too soft for a ring. Wedding rings are usually from 9ct to 14ct or 18ct. The colour of the gold is richer as the number increases, so for 9ct the colour is less intense but strong because it contains more copper. For example as the number of carats increase the purity of the gold is higher, the copper content is lower so the colour is more golden and buttery.

You should aim to match the colour of your engagement ring. So if you have a 14ct yellow gold engagement ring you should choose a 14ct wedding ring, or over time the hardest metal will wear out the softest metal as they rub together. 

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Eternity Ring/Infinity Ring

ring on a circular ring shank made of precious metal usually set with diamonds to symbolise never ending love. Usually this is an anniversary present on a significant anniversary, such as 10 or 15 years. Sometimes a half eternity ring is worn with diamonds on the top half of the ring and a plain band underneath.

Antique or Inherited Rings

These rings have sentimental value and often hold a connection with an important person. Occasionally we get lucky and the style and size are exactly right for us. Often we love what the ring stands for and the special person it connects us with but it doesn't fit us or suit our style.

The options are to wear the ring on a chain around our neck, attach to a bracelet as a charm, or even to have it remodelled into a style of jewellery we would love. By remaking the jewellery it's possible to keep the sentimental connection with our loved one, by reusing the gold and gemstones to give the ring a new lease of life in a new contemporary design. 


Large custom silver statement ring

Cocktail or Statement Rings

These are larger or feature rings usually worn as occasion jewellery. For more impact they are often worn alone to catch attention. May include larger faceted semi precious or gemstones to catch the eye and reflect the light. 


Signet Rings

These are often designed with a family crest, motif or initials. Traditionally worn by gentlemen on ​​the little or pinky finger they were used as a business seal. Signet rings have recently come back into fashion. 


Ring Style Guide - stacking rings
​Stacking Rings


Rings worn together. Several narrow rings worn on the same finger look great together. Think about odd numbers and combinations of textures for an interesting stack. 


Ring stack of midi knuckle rings


Midi/Knuckle rings


These are worn on the first joint at the top of the finger and are sometimes paired. Chevron designs and repetition of a theme can work really well. 


Hands with co-ordinating handmade rings  


Empowering Rings

​A self gifted ring can act as a powerful affirmation reminder.
​ These rings have the power to remind us to focus on what's important. With a word or symbol to represent our goal they can be a constant reminder to ourselves. As they are in our vision they are seen often, so are a great visual prompt to stay on track with our goals.


Empowering Silver Ring  


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