Sustainability is about reusing and recycling

The whole sustainability issue can feel really overwhelming at times. I have been doing my bit for the environment since way before it was trendy! Recycling, switching lights off, saving water, reusing etc etc.

I did wonder whether there's more we can do, and yes I think we can all do more, but at least we can do small things consistently to help climate change and avoid over consumption. 

These days I'm shopping on sites like vinted for pre-loved clothes and mending things that are still lovely, but need a minor repair. I really dislike the throwaway society, and would much prefer to buy once and get something better, than to have lots of things. This sometimes means I need to delay my purchase, until I can afford it, but that's ok.

It's very important to me to be as sustainable as possible in my business too. This includes looking for preloved tools before buying new tools. It means that I benefit by getting tools that have already had plenty of life, but still have plenty of use left. They are usually well made and they have already stood the test of time. Many jewellers tools are made of steel, so they are very hardwearing. Sometimes they need a little clean up, but most of them are good.

Box of pre-loved tools bought from another goldsmith. Pliers, hammer, files, punches, gauge in brown paper

Here you can see the box of tools I've bought from another goldsmith. Many of them have been adapted and they are still great for many years because they were well made. Some of them like the hammer have a great character. Others like the pliers have been adjusted for holding metals more easily. The punches are for stone setting, so they will be useful and there are a couple of needle files too.

I also bought a rolling mill to roll fancy wires, and I'm very pleased with this, as it will help me to make wires of different profiles. This mill needs a little bit of a clean up and will be bolted to my bench soon, but it will help me to be more sustainable. Now I'll able to roll wires that I need to make my jewellery.

 A rolling mill in a jewellery workshop

Here is the first wire I made, a triangular one from recycled silver. I'm really excited about the new pieces I'll be able to make with this!

A close up of a rolling mill used by goldsmiths to roll their gold and silver into fancy wire shapes such as round, comfort or oval, square, and D shaped used for classic wedding rings


Sometimes it feels overwhelming trying to be eco-conscious, but we all need to do small things to make the world a better, greener place. There is no planet B option.

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