Why I'm Recommending the Jewellers Academy Diplomas to take your Jewellery Making Skills to the Next Level

Do you believe you can be successful even when others doubt you? 🤔

When I was starting my jewellery business you wouldn’t believe the number of people who told me I was bonkers... 💭

I first started by squirrelling away lots of tools 🔨 and learning how to use them 🔥 Now I’m improving my skills and investing in things I need to move my business forwards.

It's been quite a journey with ups and downs but I’m still loving it! 💍 I have taken a long route to get the skills I need to build my jewellery business but I’m going to share a shortcut you can take to get there much quicker and learn all the skills you need to run a successful jewellery business. 

I’ve been a member of the Jewellers Academy for the last five years and I’ve been working for them as a Silver Diploma Facilitator on the Silver Diploma group calls and as a Facebook group Advisor in the Silver Diploma group. 


 Why I'm Recommending the Jewellers Academy Diplomas to take your Jewellery Making to the Next Level - Online Guided Learning learn Jewellery making from home

I’m really excited to share about two jewellery making courses run by my friends at Jewellers Academy and the London Jewellery School that are now open for enrolment. They are online Diploma courses where you can 

  • Watch the professionally filmed lessons anytime - time zone is not an issue!

  • Get termly one to one support from a goldsmith mentor via Zoom

  • Get individual feedback and assessment of your work

  • Get your questions answered in the weekly live Q&A sessions and in the private Facebook group

Diploma in Silver Jewellery Rings

    It's a wonderfully supportive community of jewellers run by the inspiring Jessica Rose. They've been offering the Diploma in Silver Jewellery for several years now. This year it has been successfully running online and I've been lucky enough to have seen the amazing things the Diploma students have made on this course. Honestly you’ll be amazed how much they’ve learnt even in the first term. The Diploma in Silver Jewellery will be running again in September 2022 and is suitable for beginners and jewellers with some experience. 

    Wax carving rings jewellery making with stonecutting 

     Diploma in Silver Jewellery

    You can watch the 2022 Open Day replays by clicking the links below:

    Diploma in Silver Jewellery Open Day

    Diploma in Fine Jewellery Open Day


    There are two levels of Diploma to choose between

    What is the Diploma in Silver Jewellery?

    Learn to make professional jewellery from home including wedding rings, engagement rings, silver collections and working with gold. This year-long course is a complete training in silver (and gold) jewellery making suitable for beginners who are looking for a structured, supported online training in making professional silver jewellery from home. 

    Diploma in Silver Jewellery designs


    Youtube trailer Diploma in Silver Jewellery 


    Silver Jewellery Diploma


    There is also a more advanced Fine Jewellery Diploma which is for Intermediate and more advanced jewellers. 

    If you are interested in taking your jewellery making skills to the next level this may be something to help you do that. I’m so excited and can hardly wait to be able to set the marquis ring in the picture below!

    Diploma in Fine Jewellery 


    What is the Diploma in Fine Jewellery?

    This course is for the intermediate and advanced jeweller. It’s designed to equip you will skills that are not only enjoyable and fulfilling to master but will also help you to create commercial, highly desired fine jewellery. 

    Fine Jewellery Diploma

    With a focus on mastering techniques ideal for commission work, making engagement and wedding rings, tennis bracelets, earrings, necklaces, design and rendering and of course your metalsmithing skills.

    Diploma in Fine Jewellery

    There is no course quite like this created for this end of the market for jewellers with this level of support. 

    Diploma in Fine Jewellery

    I'm currently taking part in this course and it’s been great. I’ve certainly been able to advance my own jewellery making skills. The stone setting is amazing and I'm really enjoying it!!! I’m finally able to make to the high end jewellery I've been dreaming of. It’s really helping me to develop my skills.

    Will you join me? If you’re not sure whether it’s going to be suitable for you or whether you’re good enough please message me and I’ll give you my honest opinion. 

    Diploma in Fine Jewellery 


    Fine Jewellery Diploma for Intermediate and more Advanced Jewellers

    YouTube Trailer Fine Jewellery Diploma

    Fine Jewellery

      Claw set pendant with faceted gemstone

    What are you waiting for? Watch the open evenings and once you've decided which course is right for you click the link above for the course that's going to take your jewellery making skills to the next level. If you prefer to listen there's also the Jewellers Academy podcast. Listen as Jessica Rose talks to a Diploma Student about her experience of the Diploma in Silver this year  here and there's a full overview of both courses in the podcast

    Learn to make jewellery from home wherever you are with online guided learning Silver Jewellery Diploma or Fine Jewellery Diploma

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    Both courses you will have access to after the course has ended, so you can always go back to revisit the skills you have learnt. There's also the option to buy a tools and materials kit for the Silver Diploma and a materials kit for the Fine Diploma. You can of course get the list for both courses and buy your own tools and materials. Then you can work from home whenever it fits in with your lifestyle. Some people set aside a day a week to do the course, and others fit in an hour or two on several evenings. You can fit your learning in with whatever suits you. 


    Learn Jewellery Making from Home with online guided learning from London Jewellery School and Jewellers Academy. Find out more
    All the links you need to come back to

    Important Dates - Bookmark this page 

    NOW - both Diplomas are open for enrolment

    You have until April to enrol, but don’t leave it too late to book because the tool and materials kits may run out! 

    Learn to make jewellery from home with online guided learning from London Jewellery School and Jewellers Academy

    UPDATE : I joined the Fine Jewellery Diploma last September and have completed the first term. It’s been great and I’m thoroughly enjoying the projects and the accountability of it. You won’t be disappointed I’m sure! 

    Silver Jewellery Diploma for Beginners and Jewellers with some experience

    Youtube trailer Diploma in Silver Jewellery 

    Silver Jewellery Diploma

    Fine Jewellery Diploma for Intermediate and more Advanced Jewellers

    YouTube Trailer Fine Jewellery Diploma

    Fine Jewellery

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     Don't delay start your online jewellery journey today

    If you do get a place please let me know I’d love to know if you do join. You can send me a DM on Instagram @howfinedesigns I’m also happy to let you know which course I’d recommend for you, if you’re unsure.

    If you’re not sure about whether this would be right for you. And please do send me a message if you’d like more information. Sally xo


    If not now - when?  


    Full disclosure I am an affiliate for these courses meaning that if you purchase them through my links I will receive a thank you payment but at no extra cost to you. Please be assured that I wholeheartedly recommend these courses and I am sure that if you want to develop your jewellery education they are a fantastic option. If you do purchase either Diploma course please do let me know! I’m @howfinedesigns on Instagram or sally@howfinedesigns.com on email

    Sally xo

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