Custom and Bespoke Jewellery Free Call

I would love to talk to you about your ideas for a custom jewellery design. Please use the contact form for a no obligation chat where we can talk about what you are thinking. It's a free call and I would love to discuss your ideas for a design.

Commissions don't need to cost a fortune, but are a lovely way to make a piece of jewellery that's much more individual and means so much more. Why not book your call and we can see if we're a good fit? I work with mostly Fairtrade Gold, Ecosilver and sustainably sourced gemstones wherever possible. 

If you are considering commissioning a piece of custom or bespoke jewellery you can speak directly to me about your ideas in a no obligation chat. If it's the right fit for both of us I will be happy to make a design for your idea and then to bring the design to life for you in drawings for £50. If you are happy with these we will agree to a basic proposal and you would pay a 50% deposit before I make more refined designs, and to make your special piece of jewellery. You would be regularly updated to the progress of your jewellery. 


Handmade jewellery on a jewellers bench peg 

Book your call here (free of charge) to start the process of creating your special piece of jewellery. Create your own lasting memories using jewellery. Or email to find out more.