Empowering Word of the Year Silver Ring - UPPERCASE lettering

Empowering Word of the Year Silver Ring - UPPERCASE lettering

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Heavier weight silver ring with capital letters for a really positive affirmation. Hand-stamped with your chosen word for your best year ever!

Wear your Word of the Year on your finger as a reminder of your goal for self-improvement. Set your intentions through your word.

Having it visible to you on your hand is very powerful. This will help you to achieve your best life by giving you focus. Positive thinking creates positive results. A life-enhancing affirmation that you can have with you at all times to help you live mindfully. Much more positive than a New Year’s Resolution as it’s far less likely to fail. By setting an intention, every little step you make is positive progress towards a better life.


This ring is made using Argentium Silver. This silver is brighter, shinier, stronger and less likely to tarnish than Sterling Silver, as it contains germanium. It measures approx 6mm high x 2mm deep. Your ring will be hand stamped on the outside with your chosen word, unless you let me know you would prefer your word inside.The finish of the ring is high-shine polished. The design is hand stamped and will have some variation, making your design unique. 


1. Choose your word.

You may choose any word, but some popular ones are:

embrace  creative believe enough nurture blossom thrive nourish release joy brave create inspired strength balance focus breathe love lucky simplicity fearless free carpe diem  authentic fierce fabulous  I am enough  dream big  flourish conscious strong    meditate shine  positive  honest fitness  health  hope kindness you are talented  adventures born to dare  style icon  lioness empowered confident healthy self-confidence gentle intentional simplicity growth manifest strength abundance   gratitude trust release patience ease ikigai kintsugi meraki lagom boundaries fearless  cherish growth flourish blossom focus believe strength power fearless gratitude nurture boundaries health balance ease care believe caress simplicity best courage show up just do it explore heart prioritise travel laugh rest metamorphosis clarity imagine soar cherish freedom progress change lighter develop brave innovate perseverance do joy breathe atomic explore rise happiness frequency emerge focus ease fruition trust confident invest consistency persistence create stretch nurture tenacity serendipity growth innovate progress freedom empress empower reach plan replenish yes make creative contentment dream big courage try flow innovate strength tenacity imagine rebel space rebellious spirit elegance fun sophisticated energy meditate heart action slowly powerful wealth value health resilience persevere abundance treat chill restore rise light adventure phoenix laughter passion self-love relax start future-self bloom abundance eat the frog devotion flow  no is a word  brave grit manifest calm  


2. Ring size

You can order a ring sizer from this website, or from suppliers like Amazon. These fit around your finger like a belt. Please measure your finger in the middle of the morning to mid-day.

Simply let me know in the comments box the choices for your ring eg.


2. Q 

Another example:


2. S

Your ring will be stamped with CAPITAL letters. This will be stamped on the outside unless you request it to be stamped on the inside. 

NB. Please add a request for lettering inside using the comment box when you place your order.