Word of the Year positive affirmations Silver Ring

£36.00 GBP

Wear your Word of the Year on your finger as a reminder of your goal for self improvement. This will help you to achieve a better life by giving you focus. Positive thinking creates positive results. A life enhancing affirmation that you can have with you at all times to help you live your best life.


The ring is Argentium Silver and measures approx 6mm high and 1mm deep. You may have the lettering on the outside, or inside. The concealed or 'secret' lettering version has a textured outside.

Argentium silver is stronger, brighter, shinier that sterling silver and is much less likely to tarnish. 

The design is hand stamped and will have some variation, making your design unique.


1. Choose your word. You may choose any word, but some popular ones are:


creative   believe   enough   nurture   blossom   thrive   nourish   release   joy   brave   create   inspired   strength   ikigai   balance   focus   breathe    love   gratitude    simplicity   fearless   free   carpe diem   lagom   authentic   fierce   fabulous    I am enough    dream big


2. Decide which lettering you would like: clear or curvy


The clear and simple San Serif typeface (eg flourish) or the curvy Baskerville typeface (eg meraki).


3. Lettering outside or lettering inside (with hammered textured finish on the outside)


4. Ring size (you can text me with your address and I will send you a free ring sizer 07788 446474) 


5. You may choose the word alone, or add a heart or a star


Simply let me know in the comments box the choices for your ring eg.


1. creative


2. clear


3. outside 


4. Q 


5. Optional: Heart or star 




We now sell a multisizer to measure your finger at home. 



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