Custom Ring Design

Custom Ring Design


Join us on the journey of a custom designed ring for May King, FOMO Creator

This gorgeous citrine has just been selected for a custom ring for May King Tsang. Watch as the ring is designed and find out more as the design evolves. Discover why May King chose a citrine and the choices she makes as we design a stunning ring for her.

We began with a chat about the sort of things May King likes. We arranged a Zoom call and talked about the colours she liked and the size of gemstone ring she was looking for. May King loves to wear big rings and because she's often on camera holding a microphone at in person and online events a ring is a good pop of colour for her. May King is a FOMO creator which means she creates a buzz around what’s happening at live events and virtual events so that people who aren’t there get FOMO or “fear of missing out”.

Once we’d discussed what May King wanted the next step was for me to track down a stunning gemstone, so I went hunting for the perfect stone. Once I had collected some suitable stones I added them to a secret Pinterest board which we used to choose the one you see above. Spoiler alert there’s more to this story and you’ll find out soon.

Bookmark this page and watch May King's reaction as she sees the citrine she chose for the first time

In case you’re wondering who I am I’m Sally. I’ve been designing jewellery for 10 years and in business for 5. I first met May King at one of Janet Murray’s Media Influence Live events in London where I was impressed with her live tweeting. She was working as a FOMO creator and live tweets at the most incredible speed to create fear of missing out and publicity or as May King would say publiciTEA! The event was soon trending on Twitter and I’m not surprised she’s a one woman whirlwind on social media and her engagement is awesome. 

I’d actually been at a previous Atomicon event in 2019 where May King was hired by Andrew and Pete but hid from her when she was coming round with her microphone! She was interviewing business owners at the event but I was definitely not going to talk on mic at that point so rapidly moved out of her path! 

This year May King was creating FOMO once more at Andrew and Pete’s Atomicon20. Sadly due to lockdown it had to be held online. But instead of holding a two day live in person event Andrew and Pete held a whole month of online speakers and training. It was an absolute extravaganza. With so much going on... Of course May King did an incredible job each day going live inside our event Facebook group telling us what was on and creating a real buzz about the speakers. There were table discussions where the event participants took part to talk about things from our fave tech gadgets to YouTube when Justin Brown from Primal Video even dropped in to join the discussion. May King also did takeovers on Andrew and Pete’s Instagram and Twitter accounts. Andrew and Pete were so happy with May King (see their wonderful tesTEAmonial here).

After the event May King and I discussed a special ring to celebrate and create lasting memories of the event and how it made her feel. And most of all to help her realise and celebrate the fantastic job she did at Atomicon20. Channeling all of those feelings of pride and gratitude for the wonderful relationships formed and business deals done at the event. And to take her forward with courage in future events. 

We originally planned for May King to have a deep pink stone, but the prices for the largest stones were eye watering so other colours were also considered. Here’s a link to our planning board where you can see the stones we considered.  

Next time we will talk about the design process and you can see how the silver will hold the gemstone in place. You will learn about our next zoom call where we discussed the different choices and hear what the design process is like. You’ll also see the designs as they are made. Follow along by bookmarking this page. 

To be continued... 


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