Jewellers Academy Podcast - Pinterest for Jewellers

Jewellers Academy Podcast - Pinterest for Jewellers 


I've got something really exciting to share with you. I'm on the Jewellers Academy Podcast talking about Pinterest for Jewellers 👈 click here to listen.

You can find out more about how I've used Pinterest to grow my business. Because it's a visual search engine you can use it too. Millions of people around the world are using Pinterest to search for gifts and many of those are ready to purchase. Lots of people even have a board where they save gift ideas ready to go back to when they need a present. It's full of creatives and it's likely that your target market will be on there looking for ideas and inspiration. So if you want more eyeballs on your products it is worth doing. Pinterest is really great for improving your website SEO or search engine optimisation. If you can convince Google that your website is useful then you have a much better chance of ranking higher and improve your chance of being seen. Blog posts with clear graphics are a really great thing to pin. So think about how you can help your customers and create information to pin on Pinterest. 

Pinterest is such a fast growing platform and because it’s very visual you can use it successfully as a creative. Pins have the potential to last much longer than on most other platforms. Evergreen pins are amazing and are repined each season. In the podcast I talk with the wonderful Jessica Rose about how you can start with Pinterest as a business even if you’re only just starting out. Find out why and lots more by listening to this episode. 

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I explain how I've really focussed and now use Pinterest to drive the majority of traffic to my website. I reveal golden nuggets about what I've learnt from  Janet Murray   Jeff Sieh at Manly Pinterest Tips  and  Andrew and Pete at Atomic. I also share how my top tips about how to be more efficient at pinning. It doesn’t need to take all of your time. 

If you have any questions about Pinterest please ask them and I shall do my best to answer. Please leave any questions or feedback in the comments below. Thanks for listening!

Love and sparkles,

Sally xo

Here's the link to listen to the Jewellers Academy Podcast 


Here's my link for Tailwind you can sign up for a month free trial and if you decide to keep using it you will get a $15 credit and so will I. Tailwind is the scheduler I use to plan and post automatically. You can put all your pins in a queue and it posts for you. It’s a great timesaver and has lots of analytics and extra features like Tribes too. 


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Let's make Pinterest the go to platform for jewellery shopping 

Pinterest for Jewellers

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