Word of the Year - Why is a positive word much better than a New Year’s Resolution

New Years Resolutions don’t work. They set you up for failure. Most people have given up on their goals and dreams long before the end of February.

Who hasn’t started the new year full of intentions to lose weight, be more organised, to stop biting our nails, or to make this the year that we finally take care of our health? I certainly have, but then I realised I never managed to keep them. I’d given up on them. I’d stand by while others chose their resolutions in the new year and decided not to join in! Finally I decided to choose a word for my focus and it became a real treat choosing it.

 Word of the Year ring. What would your word be?

Why choosing a word for the year is much better and more likely to be successful than a New Year’s Resolution 

Choosing a word of the year reminds you about what you want to strengthen and develop during the whole year. You’re not expecting instant results and it does give you time to experiment with how it will work for you.

If you choose your word as a positive affirmation, rather than a negative nag, it has the potential to help you be a much better version of you. The power of the word means that it’s your focus for the whole year and you can keep making baby steps towards your ultimate goal. 

Since 2015 when I started my jewellery business I’ve chosen a new word to help me each year. This word has helped my business and my life in general more than I’d imagined it would.

How do you choose your word for the year?

I spend time at the beginning of each new year thinking of what I want to focus on. Where I would like to grow or develop. It is sometimes really obvious to me and the word leaps out. Other years I begin by adding a few words to mull over. I usually write them down on post it notes and add them to my mirror while I consider which will be ‘the one’. Then I try each word in my shortlist on for size. After some thoughts a few of the words just don’t feel right, so I cross them off! Gradually the word becomes clearer and the choice seems easier. It’s all about having a growth mindset. Where we focus our attention we grow. Our inner mind monkies gradually quieten as we get used to focusing on this positive area for growth. 

This is the list of words I’ve used to guide me on my journey since  I began my word of the year practice:

2015 begin - this was the year I started my business. I gave myself to start my business alongside my part time teaching.

2016 make - this year I decided I needed to make lots of rings to hone my skills and get the sizing right! I spent time at my bench just making, even if I didn’t have a commission or order. I gave away lots of the designs to friends and family, and felt that my making skills really improved over the year. 

2017 blossom - this was the year I was determined to make a success of my business. I adjusted my pricing and felt much more positive about the jewellery I was making. I got some great feedback from a growing number of customers. I continued to plant new seeds and develop my skills by investing in my learning. These seeds were paying off and I felt as though I really was blossoming. I had shiny new business cards and branding, but a blow came to me part way through the year when my father fell ill. Then after a very difficult 6 months he died. This was the most difficult year of my life and I’ll be honest I gave up on my word for the rest of the year. 

2018 strength - after the loss of my father I almost gave up. This was a hard time for me personally and I decided that I needed to give myself time, space and to nurture myself. I made very little but eventually I decided to have some play time to rediscover my creativity. I decided to choose the word strength because I knew I needed to get stronger to face the world again and to pick myself up after my loss. I nurtured myself and started to rebuild my strength. This took the pressure off and I came back to my art and jewellery making with a new passion. I was finally able to use some of my fathers tools and knew that he’d be so happy :)

2019 flourish - this was the year I decided to go with my heart and to begin planting seeds again. So I started some personal development courses and began to find myself again. I gave myself permission to do anything I needed to flourish, whether that was to go for a walk, or to have tea with a friend, to take time with a book, to paint, or create fun with my family.

2020 focus - this was the year I made myself much more effective. As a creative I never had a problem with having ideas, but the word focus enabled me to think about direction and whether I should say yes or no to things. I began to have much more clarity about where my time was being spent. This was really empowering for me. I started to say yes to more opportunities that I had previously turned down because they scared me. I also felt less guilty saying no to things that weren’t what I wanted to do. I had a realisation that saying no to one thing meant more space to say yes to other often better things! There’s something very empowering about this.

2021 fearless - this was the year that I showed up to help other people and got over myself. I had never usually appeared on zoom calls (previously I’d usually lurked on calls with my camera off). Instead I showed up regularly in my own business and in Jewellers Academy where I support jewellers as as Community Advisor on Facebook on their Silver Diploma course. I also work as a Jewellers Academy Administrator (part time). I’ve appeared on 6 podcasts and on several Facebook and Instagram lives. I’ve co-created a course with Jessica Rose about Pinterest for Jewellers. I’ve also created a Pinterest For Creatives Facebook group where I help others learn to use Pinterest to promote their creative businesses.

I really have started to worry less about what other people think and have reframed it as helping others. I’ve also used my teaching skills to make my wedding ring workshops even more popular and met some wonderful clients who’ve made their own wedding rings.

For 2022 I had a shortlist of: abundance joy love gratitude kindness  

I spend the first couple of weeks trying these out, then made a decision about which would serve me most. I chose joy, and adding more joy to my life and to others was a great choice!

Here's my silver ring with my word stamped in, so my word came with me as a lovely reminder. I also became a mentor for the Silver Diploma and now teach and support others making jewellery. That also brings me lots of joy, knowing I’m passing on my skills to others!

Word of the year silver rings. What will your word of the year be?

For 2023 I've chosen gratitude, this followed after I began a gratitude practice last year. I found that it helped me to focus on the many things I have to be grateful for. I'm looking forward to fully exploring this as my word and expect it to be a powerful word, even when things are difficult at times, it should show me I have plenty to be thankful for. 

List of words of the year:

Here’s a list of words to choose to make your year better than ever. Remember you can also combine to make it your own! 

growth flourish blossom focus believe strength power fearless gratitude nurture boundaries health balance ease care believe caress simplicity best courage show up  just do it  explore heart prioritise travel laugh rest metamorphosis clarity imagine soar cherish freedom progress change lighter develop brave innovate perseverance do joy breathe atomic explore rise happiness frequency emerge focus ease fruition trust confident invest consistency persistence create stretch nurture nourish thrive tenacity serendipity growth innovate progress freedom empress empower reach plan replenish yes make creative contentment dream big courage try flow innovate strength tenacity imagine rebel space rebellious spirit elegance fun sophisticated energy meditate heart action slowly powerful wealth value health resilience persevere abundance treat chill restore rise light adventure phoenix laughter passion self-love relax start future-self bloom abundance eat the frog devotion flow  shine  no is a word  brave grit manifest calm you’ve got this  embrace rebuild  


Write your word down and keep it somewhere visible where you’ll see it several times each day. Try adding a post-it on your mirror, or make a picture with your word in a frame, or as I do add a ring to your finger. These are all great ways to remind yourself of your word and strengthen your focus. 
Word of the Year Ring abundance

Why choose jewellery for your word of the year?

Jewellery bought for yourself is the most powerful way to make something amazing happen. Rings are the most popular item of jewellery to wear because they are constantly in your vision, so act as a constant reminder of what you want to manifest. Having the word stamped on your ring makes your word become more concrete, more tangible and keeps it at the top of your mind. You can decide whether to have your word on the outside of your ring for all to see, or on the inside, for your eyes only. I call this the secret word ring.

Whatever you choose - do remind yourself, especially in the first few weeks, if things don’t exactly go to plan first of all that’s ok. Simply focus on your word and your longer-term goal and reset. It’s fine to start again. After a while, it becomes second nature to focus on your new personal development goal. Your word often starts to gather new meanings which weren’t so obvious when you first chose it. It’s amazing how a simple word can gather so much more positivity and progress than you set out to record.

 Word of the Year Ring Customer Review


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Have you ever used a word of the year?

What would your word be?

Please do let me know in the comments below. I’d love to know what you’re going to choose! 

Love and sparkles,

Sally xo





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  • Excellent advice!! My word for 2022 is THRIVE!!


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